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Rural Community Radio Karnali FM 105.2 MHZ ia a non profit making community radio established on 2016/05/09 and started to work on 2061/03/03. With its 2000 Watt broadcasting capacity, this radio covers the largest area of mid and far west development region.

Main Objectives of the Organization


People of Karnali region have access to easy, quick and low-cost information enabling them to eradicate poverty caused by lack of information and knowledge.


Provide and promote new knowledge and direct access to new skill as well as assist to protect and promote local knowledge, skills and wisdom for the creation of equitable society and integration people of Karnali into the national mainstream

Guiding Principles: In order to be effective and committed for the sustainability, RKFM adopts following points as its values and guiding principles.

  1. Pro-cultural diversity: RKFM respects the cultural differences and thus designs and implements radio programs to promote social harmony and peace among the population 
  2. Promotion of gender and social equity: RKFM designs and implements programs which will ultimately promote the good relationship between men and women, poor and rich and always try to uplift the backward section of the society through special programs
  3. Promotion of local sustainable development and environment: RKFM always values the sustainable development  and environmental protection. Similarly the RKFM will design and implement to promote good social and physical environment. 
  4. Promotion of culture of peace: RKFM always regards high and promotes the culture of peace by designing and airing programs which directly contributes in the peace promotion process and establishing harmony in the society
  5. Proactive to change: As per requirement and changing trend, RKFM will introduce new concepts, technologies, approaches, knowledge and skills which can help local population to transform the society 
  6. Peoples right of information: RKFM believes that “information” is one of the fundamental rights of people. RKFM designs and impart programs whcih provides vital information for the population in the rural areas of the country.
Covereas Area
  • 24 VDC and 1 municipality of Jumla, 4 VDC of Kalikot, 2 VDC of Dolpa, 2 VDC of Jajarkot and 2 VDC of Mugu.
There are four result areas which RKMF envisages to achieve during which are as follows:
  • Result 1: Radio Karnali FM strengthened and smoothy operationed 
  • Result 2: Radio Karnali FM’s own marketing system established and resources mobilized to become financially self-reliant
  • Result 3: Information and entertainment needs and wants of local people satisfied through RKFM
  • Result 4: Developed necessary human resources to operate RKFM locally 


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